I'm Jeremy Sacco, writer, editor, and content marketer. If you need high-quality writing and editing for a web site or marketing materials, I can help. I've worked for a large corporate software company (Lotus) a dot-com boom ASP-based start up (Trellix), and am currently employed at a B2B purchasing service (BuyerZone) that's owned by Reed Business Information.

I'm a father of twins, an a cappella singer, a cook, a gardner, a canoe-er, an ex-Little League coach, a sci-fi reader, and a really hacky guitar player - but more importantly, I'm an experienced writer and editor who's spent 15 years helping get messages across online.

I've got a more formal bio at my current employer, BuyerZone. I'm also on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, with varying degrees of engagement.

Building this site

I built this site a while back using tools that were common at the time. These days, I work in Notepad++, a customized Alfresco CMS, Moveable Type, and Wordpress.

I know, I know, this site is visually boring. Look, I'm a writer, not a designer.

  Jeremy Sacco
(617) 852-9233